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Announcing The Galway Lindy Exchange

Galway Lindy Exchange August 8-10, 2014

The swing dancers of Galway are delighted to bring you the first ever Galway Lindy Exchange taking place from August 8-10. Live music, fun and games, daytime fun as we explore the beautiful city of Galway and late night Blues venue will combine to bring you a unique view of the city we are proud to call home. Come join us for a wonderful and unique experience in Galway, the City of Tribes.

Live Music

Galway is renowned for its live music culture, and when it comes to swingin’ tunes we are well represented. Come and experience first hand our talented swing musicians as they keep you dancin’ all night.

Fun and Games

We are excited to host our first ever Galway ‘Swing X-Treme’ Games. Jill and Jack, Aerials, and 30 second Showcase are the ‘X-Treme’ events for dancers to compete in. Come join the fun!!!

Daytime Fun

Join us on the Saturday for some ‘dance related’ workshops and a unique opportunity to get to know Galway City ‘Swing-style’. Help us leave an indelible mark on our wonderful city. On Sunday join us for our ‘Picnic in the Park’. What better way to spend time with new-found friends.

Late Night Blues Venue

And in case that all wasn’t enough, eek out those final ounces of energy dancing into the wee hours as we bring you a special presentation of ‘Blues After Hours’.

More details and registration coming soon …


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