Swing Dance Workshop

May Swing Dance Workshop and Social Dance

Join us for a day of swing dance workshops on the 28th May with Paul and Sarah. They will be teaching a mix of fun moves to add the wow factor into your dancing along with some solid technique to give you more confidence on the social dance floor. The last class of the day will be all about the songs that we love and how we can all make our dancing look and feel better by matching our moves to the music.

Later that night we will all get the chance to practice our new moves at a social dance night The Galway Rowing club from 9.30pm. This dance is open to everyone, the more the merrier!

The swing dance workshops are suitable for a mix of dancing ability, you just need some experience with lindy hop. There is no need to sign up with a partner, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm!

When and where: May 28th in The Galway Rowing Club, Woodquay

12pm – Dips and Tricks,

1.45pm – Lindy Hop Fundamentals and Variations

3.30pm – Styling and Musicality.

Only €30 for the full day including social night


€10 per workshop and €5 for the social dance


We look forward to seeing you all at the end of May – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!

Your Galway Swing Team

Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend

June Lindy Hop Workshop and Social Dancing

Galway Swing Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend

Join us on June 6th and 7th for a lindy hop workshop with Paul​ and Sarah​ covering Aerials, Lindy techniques, musicality, & styling, and a fun solo routine too!  There will be a social night on the Saturday where you can practice your new moves and dance the night away to all our favourite swing tunes!

The Weekend

Saturday June 6th

1pm – Aerials (partner required)
This ever-popular class needs no introduction. Our aerials classes are where we add a little height to our dancing skills. You don’t need need any dance experience to join this class, you are welcome to join us if you only wantto learn these moves, but you will need to have a partner.

3.30pm – Lindy Techniques
So you have the basics down but it doesn’t feel just right yet? This class will help you to hone your lindy technique to improve how you relate to both the dance and your partner to give you a lot more confidence on the social floor.

9.30pm – Swing Dance Social in The Galway Rowing Club

Sunday June 7th

1pm – Doin The Jive
This is a fun routine that went down really well at Lindy Hopper’s Delight last year and is full of great solo jazz moves to add to your repertoire! THis class is suitable for all levels.

3.30pm – Lindy Styling and Musicality
If you are looking to understand the music and how to dance to fit it then this class is for you! Paul and Sarah will teach you about dancing with the music and how to style up some moves to help you stand out on the dancefloor.
Buy a day or weekend pass to get the best deal:

All Saturday Classes: €20
All Sunday Classes: €20
Full Weekend Ticket (All Classes and Social dancing on Saturday): €45

Individual Costs:

Aerials: €15 / Lindy Techniques: €10 / Doin The Jive: €15  / Styling and Musicality: €10 Swing Dance Social: €10


For more information contact paul@galwayswing.com

Swing Dance Social

St. Patrick’s Week Timetable and Social Night

Swing Dance SocialA big thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to help raise money for Enable Ireland.  We had a great afternoon in TKMaxx and a lot of people came up to us on the day saying that we brought a smile to their afternoon!  Well done to all.  See the photos on Facebook.

As St. Patrick’s day is Tuesday there will be a few timetable changes (See below).  We will not have class on Monday and Tuesday but there is normal service on Sunday and Wednesday.

Shim Sham Workshop and Social Night

On Saturday March 21st, we will be running a workshop and social night in The Galway Rowing Club, Woodquay.

12pm – Workshop – Learn The Shim Sham

The Shim Sham is the best known of all the solo swing dance strolls. It was choreographed by Frankie Manning, based on the original steps from the 1930’s, and it is danced at social nights around the world.

Everyone is welcome at this workshop, whether you are a new dancer coming to if for the first time or an experienced dancer refreshing your memory. Solo routines are a fun and easy way to improve your dancing. No previous experience or knowledge is required.

Cost: €15

Swing Dance Social Night

9.30pm – The Galway Rowing Club – €10

Catch up with your friends, meet swing dancers from different classes and get out on the dance floor to your favourite Lindy Hop tunes.

St. Patrick’s Week Timetable

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March – Classes Cancelled

Sunday 15th and Wednesday 18th –  Classes as Normal

Saturday March 21st – Shim Sham Workshop
12pm – The Galway Rowing Club

Saturday March 21st – Swing Dance Social Night
9.30pm The Galway Rowing Club

Also just a quick reminder that registrations have opened for GLHC in April over the Galway Lindyfest weekend.  If you have not registered yet or just want to know what it is all about then head over to the GLHC website or our Youtube channel to check them out!

We can’t wait to see you all on the dancefloor soon,

The Galway Swing Team

Galway Swing Masquerade Dance

Swing Dance Workshops and Masquerade Dance

On Saturday January 31st we are getting the new year off to a swingin’ start with a day of workshops and our first Galway Swing Masquerade Dance. The workshops and masquerade dance will be in The Galway Rowing Club, Woodquay.


1pm – Aerials

Our first workshop of 2015 will be one of our ever popular Aerials workshop to put some air time in your dancing.
Aerials don’t require any gymnastic or dance experience and everyone is welcome. You will need to come with a partner to this class but they do not need to be a dancer just someone you trust!

3pm – The Charleston Stroll

Solo routines are a fun and easy way to improve your dancing. They are danced at Swing dance events the world over and always go down a storm when we teach them. Solo strolls are taught from scratch and no previous experience or knowledge is required.
The Charleston stroll is a great stroll if you are new to solo dancing. It is packed with fun jazz moves that will expand your repertoire of moves and get you laughing (trust us!)
This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Costs: Aerials €15 Charleston Stroll €10 or €20 for both.

Masquerade Dance

9.30pm – The Galway Rowing Club – €10
On Saturday night we will have our first masquerade dance.
Catch up with your dancing friends, meet swing dancers from different classes and of course get out on the dance floor to your favourite Lindy Hop tunes – Wear a mask, paint one on or get creative – it is up to you.

For more information contact paulneary@galwayswing.com or visit us on Facebook

We look forward to seeing you there,

Paul and the Galway Swing Team

Galway Lindyfest Teachers

Galway Lindyfest 2015 – New Teachers Added

As a bonus for everyone attending Galway Lindyfest this year we are delighted to announce that JeongWoo Hong and Crystal Lee from Korea have been added to the teaching lineup.  They join Skye Humphries, Frida Segerdahl, Marcos Agote and Lucille Pinteaux for a weekend not to be missed!

JeongWoo Hong and Crystal Lee

Based in Korea where they teach regularly, JeongWoo Hong and Crystal Lee have also taught all over the world and have also achieved great success competing at a number of high profile events, including winning the Advanced Strictly Lindy at the 2011 European Swing Dance Championships as well as winning and placing at events such as Camp Jitterbug, All Balboa Weekend, Stompology and the American Lindy Hop Championships.  They are also organisers of the Korea Balboa Festival and Crazy Leg Festival in Korea.

Galway Lindyfest will also feature the 4th year of the Galway Lindy Hop Championships and we have recently announced a new team division for 2015  – If you missed it, check it out here, registrations open on January 24th.


We look forward to welcoming you all to Galway in April,

Paul Neary and The Galway Swing Team

Swing Dancing at Galway Swing

Why You Should Start Swing Dancing in 2015

What kind of 2015 do you want to have?

If you’re seeking a change, maybe some excitement, or if you’re looking to pick yourself up, come and give swing dancing a try. Our motto – ‘we don’t save lives, but we sure do change them’ holds especially true at this time of year.

The Christmas period is an often exciting time – office parties, social gatherings, spending time with family, but when it’s over, what do we have to entertain us? We go back to work or school and more than likely a cold and wet winter and there is nothing on the telly.  If you start swing dancing,you will open the door to a whole new world you had no idea was there all along.

For the swing dancers of Galway January is a very happy time indeed! For us, Christmas was a quiet period during which we didn’t get to dance as much as we’d like; The nights were cold, work was busy (especially for those in retail) and we searched desperately for live music to dance to but all the bands were booked for Christmas parties. Now it’s over, and instead of a case of the January blues we are all excited to hear some music and get out on the dancefloor.

And whilst it all revolves around dancing, that’s not really the whole story.   We now have things to look forward to; great music, special events, cool Youtube videos to watch (did you see the fun we had right here in Galway just a month ago?  We get to catch-up with our friends  – old friends that know the drill, know the hang-outs, and have forgotten what life was like before they even started dancing…….

……… and NEW friends – those we haven’t even met yet. They’re the ones that will sneak out sometime in January to start a new hobby, maybe come to a couple of dance classes and just quietly take it all in. They will politely converse with their fellow students, but within a few weeks they’ll be in the groove. They’ll know the drill, know the hang-outs, and they’ll look back on January 2015 as the start of something very special.

Swing dancing is not just a way to get fit while having fun it is often a journey too. It consists of new friends, new habits and mad new skills. And we love guiding people through it.

Come hang out with us. Make it a 2015 to remember.


Paul Neary

For more information about our beginner’s swing dance classes contact me using the details below or check out our timetable and drop-in to any class!

Contact Me: paulneary@galwayswing.com / 0879358160

Christmas and New Year Timetable

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, thank you to all of you who made Lindy Hopper’s Delight such a lot of fun last weekend. A spGalway Swing Gift Voucherecial word of thanks to the Bellehoppers, The Dipsy Doodles, Jessica Alcalde and Duana Sala who performed for us at the GLHC on Saturday night. We are now even more excited about Galway Lindyfest in April.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Youtube pages as there will be pictures and videos coming soon!

As most of you know we are breaking a little early for Christmas this year, but all for a very good cause 🙂 (See Timetable below).  If anyone wanted to order a Gift Voucher for a workshop or a set of classes for a friend for Christmas you can contact paulneary@galwayswing.com or chat to Sarah and I at class.

To make up for our early finish to 2014 we are going to be returning in a big way in January.  Classes will start back Tuesday January 6th with a beginners class at 8pm and then we will throw open the venue for social dancing and general first night back catching up.

We also have our first workshops planned for 2015 –  Saturday January 31st.  The content of the workshops will be announced soon (but it is guaranteed to be fun).  On the Saturday night we will hold our first Galway Swing Masquerade Dance.  A chance to get out on the dance floor to your favourite Lindy Hop tunes – Wear a mask, paint one on or get creative – it is up to you.

Hope to see you all out dancing soon.  If I don’t get a chance to see you then have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Paul Neary

Galway Swing Merry Christmas #Lindyhop #swingdance #christmas

Christmas and New Year Timetable

Wednesday December 3rd – The last swing dance class of 2014
Beginners at 8pm
Improvers at 9pm

Tuesday January  6th – The first swing dance class in 2015
Beginners 8pm
Social dancing afterwards to celebrate the New Year

Saturday January 31st – Swing Dance Workshop
Lindy Hop and Charleston Workshops Content TBC

Saturday January 31st – Swing Dance Social Night
Galway Swing Masquerade Dance

Galway Lindy Exchange 2014

Galway Lindy Exchange 2014

It was 8.30pm Sunday evening when I entered the Office Bar in Salthill for the final night of Galway’s first ever Lindy Exchange,Galway Lindy Exchange Flyer and to be honest, at this point I thought it was all over. Seated in the room were just five other weary bodies, enjoying the music and the company of each other, but certainly in no shape to do any more dancing. This was it, an early night and home to bed. The weekend had worn everyone out. I could not have been more wrong……..

By 10pm the place was heaving, the music kicked up a notch and GLX 2014 finished with a bang rather than the aforementioned whimper. It was certainly a truly just way to finish a wonderful weekend.

We had started 2 days before with live music from the ever popular (with Galway dancers) ‘I Saw Stars‘, a wonderful little jazz trio that kept the dance floor full and the punters smiling. It was an amazing start to the weekend, made even better by such a great turnout of support, not just from our own local dancers, but dancers from all over Ireland and abroad. In fact I was delighted at the diversity of the dancers that had rolled up on our doorstep.

Galway Lindy Exchange 2014To Saturday and the weather truly blessed us. If you’re not familiar with Ireland, then let me just say that planning a day of outdoor activities was fraught with danger, but we spent the day wandering around our fair city, dancing at Eyre Square, then later down by the Claddagh. By Saturday night GLX 2014 was truly taking off and the dancing never stopped in the Eyre Square Hotel. We ran, for the first time, the Galway Swing ‘Extreme’ Games, and while I was a little disappointed that more people didn’t take part, those that did certainly put on a wonderful showing and I hope next year more people are encouraged to have a crack at the different competitions. (If you weren’t there, we ran a ‘Jill and Jack’, a ’30 Second Showcase’, and we were supposed to run an aerials competition, but alas, no entries for that one).

After a quick feed just after midnight things began to slow down into some ‘Bluesy’ business, and the dancing went ’til the wee hours.

The first ever Galway Lindy Exchange was planned as a very simple event, with the focus truly being on just encouraging people to dance whilst showing off our lovely little town. To those that attended, I can’t thank you enough for the support. To those that put in so much time and effort behind the scenes, thank you for your talent and your hard work.  We will have more pictures soon but check out a few of them below or on Facebook.  We would love to hear your favourite moments – feel free to let us know in the comments.

Now, to Lindy Hoppers Delight and beyond……


Paul Neary

If you missed the fun at the Galway Lindy Exchange, don’t worry we have another fabulous weekend planned for November 21st – 23rd – Lindy Hopper’s Delight.  The early bird deadline is Friday August 15th so register now to get the best price !


Galway Swing Flash Mob Shop St. during The Galway international Arts Festival 2014

Swing Dance Flash Mob During The Arts Festival

A Tale of a Swing Dance Flash Mob Around Galway, Of Crazy Men on Bicycles and Bubblegum Flavoured Ice-Cream

Galway Swing Flash Mob Shop St. during The Galway international Arts Festival 2014
So the day was set (again! – don’t ask about previous setbacks. Oh the recriminations) and a dozen or so dedicated and enthusiastic dancers made their way into the heart of Galway City to provide a little spot of entertainment for those out-and-about at the conclusion of Galway’s Arts Festival.

After a number of fun and sometimes wet practice sessions over the past month, we met in Woodquay for a final run-through before going public. Of course, even out here, on these final yards of terra firma before city meets water, we had an appreciative audience sitting patiently on the Corrib Princess, awaiting their river tour. It took many of us by surprise when, after completing a practice run, we were met with applause from somewhere off in the distance. It was like the captain of the vessel had waited for us to finish before departing back up the river.

We made arrangements to meet at Eyre Square. I said 20 minutes. People complained. I said 15 minutes. That was better.  Of course, 25 minutes later we were still waiting for people to arrive. They scattered themselves about quite nicely, as they’d been instructed, and I set up my small but brave (that’s another story) speaker and hit play. Our dancers came together, and we danced. Of course things went wrong, mistakes were made, but from everywhere, as the sounds of ‘Sing Sing Sing’ rang out, people emerged with cameras and phones to record our impromptu performance. This act was repeated in the tight confines of Shop St, before we headed down the the Spanish Arch for the last of our planned flash mobs.

The first two flash mobs had gone well, but invariably small errors had crept in (most obviously by myself). We were determined that this one would go to plan.

And go to plan it did. We danced, broke into our jam, the jazz girls hit their stride, and then it was time for me to flip my partner,Bike stumbles into Swing Dancing Flashmob Tracey, into the spotlight…… and along came the crazy man on bicycle . As I launched Tracey into the air I heard the cries of ‘Whoa’, saw the people looking away (or unable to look away), and out of the corner of my eye caught the harried movement of man on bike crossing into my path. I held back briefly, changed angle slightly, knowing I could save this if he stayed the course. He didn’t, but his desperate movements managed to take him further out of harms way and our flash mob proceeded uninterrupted (The video with full sound-effects is below).

It was a warm day, so we decided that just rewards for a job well done would be ice-cream from Gino’s, Galway’s finest ice-creamery. The health nuts went for the sorbet options, the weirdos who aren’t into ice-cream went next door to buy ice-pops. My own option, controversially derided by all, was a blue-coloured bubble-gum flavour. And it was num-num. From there, it was back to Eyre Square, where we whittled away the afternoon with more dancing, an encore of our flash mob, threw in a Shim Sham for no reason other than it’s the Shim Sham, and generally enjoyed a warm Galway afternoon.

Thank you to all who came out, both to dance and support us. I really look forward to the next swing dance flash mob as part of the GLX – Galway Lindy Exchange 2014 !

Paul Neary

If you missed tthe fun on Sunday head to our Facebok page to see all the pictures and check out the videos below !


Happy Frankie 100 From Galway

Happy Frankie 100 from Galway

Below is the final edit of some of our Galway Swing dancers performing the Frankie 100 Global Choreography around the city. This was danced all around the world to celebrate Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday !  Lindy Hoppers around the world have been performing and posting videos online of this dance in a global tribute to Frankie!

Frankie Manning originally choreographed The Lindy Chorus hoping that it would become a part of his legacy and we are pleased to further this part of his memory by being a part of the Centennial celebrations!

A BIG thank you to everyone involved in this, and a special mention to our two happy cheerleaders near the end of the video !


Do you want to be a part of our next event? Browse our different options for dance classes in galway ..