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3 Reasons Not to Miss This Years Lindy Hopper’s Delight

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Years Lindy Hoppers Delight

Entering its third year, Galway Swings Lindy Hopper’s Delight weekend has become a regular on the Irish swing dancing calender. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss this years event:


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1. The Instructors

Lindy Hopper’s Delight presents a fairly unique opportunity for students to get up close and spend a lot of contact time with their favorite teachers. Not many camps allow you to spend 4+ hours over the course of a weekend taking workshops from the likes of Dax and Sarah (2012), Skye and Naomi (2013), and, this year, Michael and Evita. With the small numbers in attendance, Lindy Hoppers Delight also presents fantastic opportunities to grab these guys for a social dance (and they really don’t mind), and to get to know them a little better.

Our guest instructors this year will be the aforementioned Michael Jagger (sadly pronounced ‘Yah-grr’, not like the rock idol), Evita Arce and, joining them, David Zilkha. David is a Lindy Hop and Blues enthusiast with many years experience in both teaching and hosting events in Bristol, UK, and was a guest instructor at the very first Crave held in Galway a few years back. 

For those of you that have encountered  Michael and Evita on their various travels, you obviously don’t need me to tell you of their awesomness. These guys are first rate instructors, bringing a very unique vibrancy and enthusiasm to everything they do. If you’ve never encountered them before, then this should be the only excuse you need to get to Galway this November.  

There will also be some special workshops presented by our own Galway Swing crew – workshops that have never before been taught in Ireland or, to the best of my knowledge, Europe (that’s right folks, when Sarah and I were invited to teach in Canada earlier this year we were also able to bring a few things back with us). This will provide another new aspect to this years Lindy Hoppers Delight weekend.

2. The Music

We hope to make announcements regarding evening entertainment very soon, but, if attendances look good we will be providing live music for our Saturday night party (Friday night is obviously held over for the Galway Lindy Hop Championships – see below). I will also be hosting a forum (let’s call it a ‘summit’) for DJs, both experienced and prospective wannabes, to discuss the ‘swing DJ’ scene here in Ireland. I will be putting together a brief with topics to be discussed, but the overall aim will be to improve the standard and understanding of the requirements of swing DJs around Ireland. This may be me in a room talking to myself, but my hope is to have me in a room talking shop with dozens of people with an interest in this topic. Not for a moment do I consider myself an expert on this matter, but, with the combined experiences and knowledge of all of us that take responsibility for the music played at swing events, I feel we can do a lot to make our Lindy Hop and Blues events jump up a notch or two.

If you have any ideas on topics to be discussed at our ‘DJ Summit’, please get in touch –

3. The Galway Lindy Hop Championships

The Galway Lindy Hop Championships enter their third year this year, and I have been delighted to see the standard increase slightly each year so far. Again, we will do all we can to provide plenty of social dancing opportunities throughout the night, but obviously the stars of the night will be our very brave competitors who are laying their egos on the line for our entertainment. Make sure you come along and support them – and check out videos of past years at on our honour roll page.

Of course, if you feel so inclined, we’d love to see you throw your hat in the ring. Registrations will open very soon, and you can keep abreast of the latest information via the GLHC Facebook page.

I hope to see you at this years event, and over the course of the weekend, please feel free to grab me for a ‘hello’, a chat and/or a dance.

See you in November,

Paul Neary


Registration for this year’s event opens on Friday 30th May at 7pm, get your ticket quick so that you don’t miss out on your early bird discount.  More Info and Registration HERE.


Eyre Square, Galway

Announcing The Galway Lindy Exchange

Galway Lindy Exchange August 8-10, 2014

The swing dancers of Galway are delighted to bring you the first ever Galway Lindy Exchange taking place from August 8-10. Live music, fun and games, daytime fun as we explore the beautiful city of Galway and late night Blues venue will combine to bring you a unique view of the city we are proud to call home. Come join us for a wonderful and unique experience in Galway, the City of Tribes.

Live Music

Galway is renowned for its live music culture, and when it comes to swingin’ tunes we are well represented. Come and experience first hand our talented swing musicians as they keep you dancin’ all night.

Fun and Games

We are excited to host our first ever Galway ‘Swing X-Treme’ Games. Jill and Jack, Aerials, and 30 second Showcase are the ‘X-Treme’ events for dancers to compete in. Come join the fun!!!

Daytime Fun

Join us on the Saturday for some ‘dance related’ workshops and a unique opportunity to get to know Galway City ‘Swing-style’. Help us leave an indelible mark on our wonderful city. On Sunday join us for our ‘Picnic in the Park’. What better way to spend time with new-found friends.

Late Night Blues Venue

And in case that all wasn’t enough, eek out those final ounces of energy dancing into the wee hours as we bring you a special presentation of ‘Blues After Hours’.

More details and registration coming soon …

Galway Swing Frankie 100 Choreography

Frankie 100 Global Choreography, Aerials and Latest News

The Latest News From Galway Swing

It is going to be an exciting few weeks here in Galway.  We have new classes starting this Sunday that will see you join swing dancers around the world in paying tribute to Frankie Manning (More info below) and in only a couple of weeks it will be time for Galway Lindyfest.  William and Maeva will be bringing their style and energy to Galway for a weekend like no other on May 9 – 11.  There are still places left if you want to be a part of this weekend – just grab a partner and sign up online ...

Social Dancing
If you can’t make the workshops don’t worry there will be two unmissable nights of social dancing on the Friday and Saturday nights of Lindyfest and all are welcome.  Come along and help us to give these two amazing teachers a brilliant Galway welcome.

Frankie Manning Global Choreography and Aerials Classes

Starting this Sunday 27th April we will start a special 3 weeks of Sunday classes (excluding Sunday May 11 – we will break for our Lindyfest weekend). At 5.30pm there will be an aerials class where we will teach one aerial in each class and show you how to put it into your dancing so you can add a bit of air to your lindy jams. The class is suitable for all levels of dancer, however you must bring your own partner.

After that at 6.30pm, we will be teaching the Frankie 100 choreography. This is a simple routine suitable for all levels. Frankie Manning originally choreographed The Lindy Chorus hoping that it would become a part of his legacy. And so, as part of the Frankie 100 celebrations and World Lindy Hop day, swing communities around the world will be learning this routine and posting them online to pay tribute to Frankie Manning. Join swing dancers all around the world and learn the lindy chorus with us.

When: Starts Sunday 27th April:
5.30pm – Aerials Classes
6.30pm – Frankie 100 Choreography

Where: The Galway Rowing Club Woodquay

How Much: These classes can be paid using our blocks or pay as you go week by week.


**STOP THE PRESS** Want to learn the Frankie100 Choreography for FREE?!?

Here’s how – we want you to write a short piece (250 words) on Frankie Manning – maybe an outline of his life, perhaps focus on an aspect of his life, or his effect on our modern dance scene, or any other angle that interests you. We don’t want to just celebrate the life of Frankie Manning through a video montage, we want people to learn about him, to understand the inspiration he has given to 1000’s of dancers, and to appreciate his contribution to our wonderful community. Email us or bring your written piece before the first class and you can do all the Frankie100 Choreo classes at no charge – and know that we greatly appreciate and respect your effort to understand an integral part of our dance history.


For more info contact Paul Neary – 0879358160


Upcoming Events:

Galway Lindyfest 2014 – May 9th-11th
William and Maeva bring their unique blend of style and energy to Galway  for a comp and show weekend like no other.

Galway Lindy Exchange – August 8th-10th
A celebration of our amazing dance community with activities and dancing all weekend. Details coming very soon.

Lindy Hopper’s Delight – November 21st – 23rd
We are excited to announce our very special guests for this years Lindy Hoppers Delight Weekend as Michael Jagger and Evita Arce.

s years Lindy Hoppers Delight Weekend as Michael Jagger and Evita Arce.

Galway Swing Blues Dance Classes

New Dance Classes in Galway Starting Next Week

There is a lot happening this week in Galway, we have brand new swing dance classes, a workshop weekend and social dancing on Saturday night !

Suga Bomb - A Boot Camp for Followers

So, Suga Bomb Galway is nearly upon us, and girls, there are still spaces available.  You can register here. And don’t forget, if you can’t make the workshops, we still have dancing on Saturday night in the Galway Rowing Club.
We also have a special treat for our male dancers (since the workshops themselves weren’t really geared toward you guys) in that you can attend the social night for HALF PRICE!! As if you needed encouragement anyway…….Checkout the event on Facebook.

Our regular weekly classes have been a little disrupted the past couple of weeks, but we come back next week full steam ahead with some very exciting new additions to the schedule. As of Monday 24th March (this coming Monday) we will be making a long awaited addition to our Jazz classes with the introduction of an Improvers Level Jazz class at 9pm (following on from the 8pm Beginners Jazz class), and we look forward to taking your dancing to a whole new level. Of course, the 7pm (Beginners Swing dancing class is also still on as normal).

Galway Swing Blues Dance ClassesTuesday nights (starting next Tuesday 25th March) will be taking on an entirely new look. Our classes in the Roisin Dubh are back to normal, with Beginners at 7.30pm, and our newly formed Beginners Plus class at 8.30pm, and, across town in De Burgos, we are very excited to announce the formation of a new Blues night, ‘Blues After Hours’ which will kick off with a Blues dance class at 8pm followed by Blues social dancing through until 11pm. These classes will be taught by Anders and Lisa and promise to take your dancing in a very different direction. Please feel free to check out the event page.

Hope to see you all out dancing over the weekend, and if not, I look forward to seeing you in class next week.


Upcoming Workshops:

Galway Lindyfest 2014 – May 9th-11th
William and Maeva bring their unique blend of style and energy to Galway  for a comp and show weekend like no other.
Happy New Year

New Year – New Classes

Hey Guys and Gals, Happy New Year

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year period. Our little dance hiatus is coming to an end, and we are itching to get back dancing next week.

New Classes:

If you take a bit of a stroll through the website, you’ll notice a few schedule changes which we hope are going to enhance your opportunities work on your dancing, and to give you some great opportunities to try a few things that you might find a little different. One of the big changes to come into effect are our Monday nights at the Victoria Hotel. We really hope you will all take this new opportunity to try a bit of jazz and solo charleston.  You can see our Schedule HERE.

Be sure to check out our new price structure before coming to class.  For all of our dancers that already buy blocks we want to look after you by giving you one week (Jan 6th – 9th 2014) to purchase blocks of classes at 2013 prices on (the door in class).  We also have offers just for you (See below).

Offers For New Members: 

Are you thinking of starting swing dance classes with us?  We would love to see you in classes.  This January we will have a special offer on Facebook for new dancers only.  Check out our Facebook Page to make sure you don’t miss out.

We don’t just have offers for new dancers we also want to reward you for your loyalty over the years and so we have two new offers starting for members only.

Introduce a Friend Vouchers:

You can earn free classes just by introducing friends to Galway Swing.  We will be handing out vouchers at classes that you can give your friends and if they present them at class they will get 50% off their first class and we will add one class to your blocks.

Galway Swing Loyalty Card:

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a Galway Swing Loyalty card and you can earn yourself some free classes just by turning up.  You will get a stamp for every block you buy (2 for the large Blocks of classes) and after 10 stamps you will receive 3 free classes.   See you all next week …

Christmas Market Galway Swing

Galway Swing Dancing at the Opening of the Galway Christmas Market

Galway Swing was proud to dance at the opening of the Galway Continental Christmas Market, last friday November 22nd.

Our guest judges that were in town for our Lindy Hopper’s Delight Workshop Weekend and The Galway Lindy Hop Championships also performed with our own local Galway Swing dancers.  It was a real treat for everyone involved and the crowd really enjoyed our performance.  The Galway Christmas Market is a brilliant addition to the city every year and this year is no exception, a great time was had by all our dancers.

A big thank you to everyone involved, especially our performers on the night : Jonathon Richardson, Orlaith downey, Brendan Connors, Tracey Dooley, Scott Cupit, Robyn Larson, Laura Knight, Skye Humphries and Naomi Uyama ! See below for some pictures and video from the night ..

Fast Tube by Casper


William and Maeva

Announcing Our 2014 Workshop Weekends

Just as we are getting ready to end the year with our Lindy Hopper’s Delight weekend featuring the Galway Lindy Hop Championships we are also announcing the details of our big workshop weekends for the start of 2014.  It is already shaping up to be an exciting year !

Registrations for these events will open on Saturday 23rd November during Lindy Hopper’s Delight.   Just in time for those of you wondering what to buy your dance-crazed loved ones for Christmas !

See our Events Calendar and below for more information ..

Swing into Spring with Sharon Davis – February 7th – 9th 2014

Lindy Hop and Charleston Workshop to start Spring in style

Sharon Davis Lindy Hop


Suga Bomb Galway – March 21-23rd 2014

Trisha Sewell will be bringing her amazing follows focused workshop to Galway as part of its European tour!

Trisha Sewell and Ben Cook

Galway Lindyfest 2014 – May 9th-11th

William and Maeva bring their unique blend of style and energy to Galway  for a comp and show weekend like no other.

lindyfest 2014

Flip, Flop and Fly – Aerials and Charelston Workshop Day

Volvo Ocean Race AerialsOur workshop days are returning on October 12th in The Galway Rowing Club, Woodquay. The day is focused on helping you add a little something extra to your dancing repertoire.

In the morning we will run one of our every popular Aerials workshop to put some air time in your dancing. These don’t require any dance experience and everyone is welcome.(partner required).

In the afternoon there will be a Solo Charleston workshop.
This class will focus on simple variations to bring variety to your charleston dancing and give you the confidence to get out on the floor. It will be a solo class but we will be teaching variations that you can use either partnered or solo to spice up your social dancing.

Solo Jazz and CharlestonPrices:
Aerials at 12pm – €20pp / partner required,
Solo Charleston at 2.30pm – €10pp

We have a Special Promo on for this weekend – Attend one of our regular solo jazz classes on Thursday 3rd or Thursday 10th October and get the Charleston workshop class on October 12th half price.

Enable Ireland Swing-A-Thon

Dancers from Galway Swing took to the streets on Saturday 21st September and raised €500 for Enable Ireland with our yearly swing-a-thon on Shop St.

We were dancing from 12pm outside Evergreen, entertaining the crowd, and raising awareness along with some much-needed funding for Enable Ireland.  Thank you to all our dancers who came and danced with us and of course to everyone who cheered us on and supported us all afternoon.

A great day was had by all.

GLHC - Galway Lindy Hop Championships

GLHC Registration Update

We have had another surge of registrations for The Galway Lindy Hop Championships 2013.  Solo Charleston is now sold out and Jack and Jill is sold out for follows.  There are still a few places left for Jack and Jill leads, Up and Comers and Open Lindy Hop.

Get your registrations in quick to ensure that you don’t miss out !

More information at