Galway Lindy Exchange 2014

August 8th -10thGLX Flyer

Live Music – Late Night Blues Venue – Daytime Dance Tour

The swing dancers of Galway are delighted to bring you the first ever Galway Lindy Exchange taking place from August 8-10. Live music, fun and games, daytime fun as we explore the beautiful city of Galway and late night Blues venue will combine to bring you a unique view of the city we are proud to call home. Come join us for a wonderful and unique experience in Galway, the City of Tribes.

The Weekend

Click Here or see below for a map of our venues for GLX 2014

Friday 8th August
8pm Evening drinks session. A pre-dance opportunity to meet fellow dancers, have a pint, and get into the spirit of the inaugural ‘Galway Lindy Exchange’.
10pm Meet the scene welcome party in the Western Hotel featuring live music from I Saw Stars. Your chance to catch up with friends, new and old.

Saturday 9th August
1pm ‘Dance Around The City’ tour of Galway.
3pm Dance Workshop with Jennifer and Daire.
4pm Ladies vintage hair-styling workshop.

Saturday Night
9.30pm Vintage themed dance party at The Eyre Square Hotel, Eyre, Sq., (Beside the Bus Station) featuring the Galway ‘Swing X-Treme’ Games.
12.30am A special ‘Blues After Hours’ late night party.

Sunday 10th August
3pm Relax and unwind with our Picnic in the Park (sandwiches provided).
6pm The Sunday Roast – group dinner to celebrate an extraordinary weekend of dancing, fun and games
8pm Farewell party in the Office Bar, Salthill. Come out for a final dance and say goodbye (’til next time!!)

Galway ‘Swing X-Treme’ Games

Saturday 9th August, The Eyre Square Hotel, Galway

As part of the 2014 ‘Galway Lindy Exchange’ we are pleased to announce the first ever Galway Swing X-treme Games. The events are listed below. If you wish to enter any or all of the events, please email with the subject line ‘X-Treme Games’.

Jill and Jack

A ‘Jack and Jill’ event with a twist – SHE leads / HE follows. The battle of the sexes just reached a whole new level……

30 second Showcase

You choose the music, you work out the choreography BUT you only have 30-45 seconds to wow us. Consider the swing dancers version of a Red Bull Showcase competition!!!


Just as it sounds…. blast out as many aerials as you can in the space of a song. Obviously we still care about your dancing and musical interpretation, but we want to see a minimum of 6 aerials executed during the course of one song, and at least three different aerials (ie you could do 6 individual aerials, or you could do three aerials, but do them twice, or four different aerials and two of them twice etc.)

Just €45 for all of this !

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