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3 Reasons Not to Miss This Years Lindy Hopper’s Delight

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Years Lindy Hoppers Delight

Entering its third year, Galway Swings Lindy Hopper’s Delight weekend has become a regular on the Irish swing dancing calender. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss this years event:


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1. The Instructors

Lindy Hopper’s Delight presents a fairly unique opportunity for students to get up close and spend a lot of contact time with their favorite teachers. Not many camps allow you to spend 4+ hours over the course of a weekend taking workshops from the likes of Dax and Sarah (2012), Skye and Naomi (2013), and, this year, Michael and Evita. With the small numbers in attendance, Lindy Hoppers Delight also presents fantastic opportunities to grab these guys for a social dance (and they really don’t mind), and to get to know them a little better.

Our guest instructors this year will be the aforementioned Michael Jagger (sadly pronounced ‘Yah-grr’, not like the rock idol), Evita Arce and, joining them, David Zilkha. David is a Lindy Hop and Blues enthusiast with many years experience in both teaching and hosting events in Bristol, UK, and was a guest instructor at the very first Crave held in Galway a few years back. 

For those of you that have encountered  Michael and Evita on their various travels, you obviously don’t need me to tell you of their awesomness. These guys are first rate instructors, bringing a very unique vibrancy and enthusiasm to everything they do. If you’ve never encountered them before, then this should be the only excuse you need to get to Galway this November.  

There will also be some special workshops presented by our own Galway Swing crew – workshops that have never before been taught in Ireland or, to the best of my knowledge, Europe (that’s right folks, when Sarah and I were invited to teach in Canada earlier this year we were also able to bring a few things back with us). This will provide another new aspect to this years Lindy Hoppers Delight weekend.

2. The Music

We hope to make announcements regarding evening entertainment very soon, but, if attendances look good we will be providing live music for our Saturday night party (Friday night is obviously held over for the Galway Lindy Hop Championships – see below). I will also be hosting a forum (let’s call it a ‘summit’) for DJs, both experienced and prospective wannabes, to discuss the ‘swing DJ’ scene here in Ireland. I will be putting together a brief with topics to be discussed, but the overall aim will be to improve the standard and understanding of the requirements of swing DJs around Ireland. This may be me in a room talking to myself, but my hope is to have me in a room talking shop with dozens of people with an interest in this topic. Not for a moment do I consider myself an expert on this matter, but, with the combined experiences and knowledge of all of us that take responsibility for the music played at swing events, I feel we can do a lot to make our Lindy Hop and Blues events jump up a notch or two.

If you have any ideas on topics to be discussed at our ‘DJ Summit’, please get in touch –

3. The Galway Lindy Hop Championships

The Galway Lindy Hop Championships enter their third year this year, and I have been delighted to see the standard increase slightly each year so far. Again, we will do all we can to provide plenty of social dancing opportunities throughout the night, but obviously the stars of the night will be our very brave competitors who are laying their egos on the line for our entertainment. Make sure you come along and support them – and check out videos of past years at on our honour roll page.

Of course, if you feel so inclined, we’d love to see you throw your hat in the ring. Registrations will open very soon, and you can keep abreast of the latest information via the GLHC Facebook page.

I hope to see you at this years event, and over the course of the weekend, please feel free to grab me for a ‘hello’, a chat and/or a dance.

See you in November,

Paul Neary


Registration for this year’s event opens on Friday 30th May at 7pm, get your ticket quick so that you don’t miss out on your early bird discount.  More Info and Registration HERE.


Swing Dance Workshop Weekend

Lindy Hopper’s Delight Workshop Weekend

Galway’s ultimate Lindy Hop Celebration returns in 2013 with four amazing guest instructors, another round of the Galway Lindy Hop Championships, and a new venue, the beautiful Meyrick Hotel Ballroom, in the heart of Galway

The teachers this year are the fabulous Skye Humphries, Naomi Uyama, Scott Cupit and Robyn Larsen.

Workshop Info:
Based on feedback from last years event, a number of changes have been made to make this years Lindy Hopper’s Delight an even better experience. Please read the following carefully:

To give students maximum exposure to our guest instructors, we are reducing the number of levels from three to two, and are completely eliminating beginner workshops.

For more information and registration details visit the Lindy Hopper’s Delight page.

GLHC - Galway Lindy Hop Championships

Galway Lindy Hop Championships

Welcome to the Galway Lindy Hop Championships 2013.

 The first event in December 2012 set a standard that swing dancers across Ireland could be proud of.  We look forward to raising that bar even higher at this, the second GLHC!!

This event is about fun and friendship!! It should inspire dancers to raise the standard of their dancing, create bonds of friendship with their peers, and showcase not just the talent, but also the enthusiasm, of Ireland’s Lindy Hop community

Doors will open early and spectators and competitors alike are welcome to come on in, have a dance, enjoy a drink and soak up the splendour of The Meyrick Hotel in the centre of Galway.

Provisionally, the competition will start at 8.00pm with the order of events to be finalised. The competition will kick off with an introduction of our all-knowing, all-seeing judges, followed by heats (if required) of the various disciplines, with the finals for each event held at the very end of the schedule.

During the course of proceedings, we will take a break so you can catch our ‘half-time’ show, featuring a number of entertainment pieces headlined by our guest judges/instructors.

Once the competition is completed, the social element of the night once again takes over before we turn to the glamour part of the evening – the awards ceremony – during which we can show our appreciation for all those brave enough to compete and award place-getters in each event their hard-earned trophies.


If you want to be a part of this special night you can buy your ticket online here and pick it up on the night or at any of our classes.  Tickets will also be available on the night (subject to availability) :

GLHC Ticket Options


For more information about The Galway Lindy Hop Championships see the website.